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Super Host Status: Who is the Winner?

When getting a Super Host status: who is the winner? My property Casita Sitges ( acquired a Super Host status on Airbnb a few months back. This sounds like a good news, right? Well, yes and no. Yes because travellers searching for a holiday rental can filter the properties with a Super Host. Because there is a small % of properties with a Super Host, your property will come up first in the search. Great for you! Additionally, the traveller is reassured that the quality of the property and the service they will get is higher than the one in a property with a regular host. True. Great for the traveller!
However, to become a Super Host in Airbnb, one of the criteria, besides the 5 star reviews, is to have at least 10 bookings within a year taken from Airbnb itself. This also means the following:

  • 10 bookings where Airbnb’s branding is ahead your own property branding.
  • 10 bookings where the host has no direct contact with the guest as he/she must use the airbnb’s mailing system to communicate with them.
  • 10 bookings for which you, as a host, have paid commission costs and your guests have paid even higher commission costs.

Commission costs increase the total rental cost to a guest with the effect of (rightfully) increasing the service expectations and possibly with the effect of eroding the perceived value of the property. In other words, you have to work a lot harder to offer the 5 star standards and in general a 5 star perception to your guest.

As much as it is nice to be acknowledged as a Super Host by a listing site (and most importantly by your guests) our goal as Holiday Rental Entrepreneurs should be another. We should become both Super Host AND Independent from any listing site. So, this is my goal and I am steadily getting there. Keeping a minimum of 10 bookings per year within any given listing site when striving for listing site independence is beautifully hard as direct booking from my own website increase year after year. This is the goal I put in front of any client I work with. Is this your goal too?

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