3D plans do make a difference!

3D Plans Do Make a Difference!

While showing a holiday rental property online you want to make it shine and 3D plans do make a difference!

A home staging and a professional photo shooting is a must do while putting a holiday home in the market. We are hoping for people to buy our products so we need to present them in the best possible way. Once the professional photo shooting is done, we need to choose the right photo sequence when uploading the pictures on a listing site. This sequence should follow the logical steps one follows when entering in a villa or in an apartment.

First the exterior, then the hall, after the living area, etc. However a series of individual areas or rooms pictures may not give the prospect the holistic view of the property. Therefore, a floor plan is surely a very useful communication tool that we want to provide to our prospects to let them understand as much as possible how is the property like. Let’s not make guess our future guests how our property is structured. And more, while we provide them with that information, let’s charm them!

A great way to do so is by using 3D floor plans. They are easy to make, relatively inexpensive and surely very helpful to any prospect who is interested in a property. The advantage of 3D plans, besides being really nice to watch, is that the prospect gets and extra important element to decide if the property they are viewing is what they really want for their holiday.

I recommend all my clients to create those 3D plans whenever they are listing a property on a holiday rental listing site.

The 3D plan displayed in this picture is the one I most recently created for a holiday rental apartment of one of my client. I use Roomsketcher, a great software very user friendly that can be learned just watching few video tutorials. And if one is not up to this kind of learning, Roomsketcher can draw the 3D plan for you. Whether you do it or you choose Roomsketcher to do it for you the end result is great.  Yes, 3D plans do make a difference!

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